3 Reasons Why Spray Tanning is Good for You

1.Decreases Risk of Skin Cancer

Sun tanning and using tanning beds to create a bronzed appearance to the skin are two of the most common links in the development of melanoma and non melanoma types of skin cancer. Decreasing the amount of unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays decreases the likelihood of developing these types of skin cancer in the future. This is one of the reasons that sunless spray tanning is provided as an alternative for those that love the golden color that sun tanning gives the skin. You can still receive a healthy glow with spray tanning without the unwanted UV exposure and potential cancer risk that is associated with sun tanning and tanning beds.


2.Enhances Skin Tone & Skin Appearance

Cellulite, stretch marks and uneven skin tone are some of the minor cosmetic issues that most women would like to diminish or correct. While following a healthy diet and exercising can diminish the appearance of cellulite it isn’t always possible for those that have cellulite due to genetics (such as myself) or that also have cellulite coupled with uneven skin tone and stretch marks ( also me). Spray tanning helps to camaflouge these slight skin imperfections and makes them less noticeable. Spray tanning is also used to “contour” or create the illusion of a more tone appearance. One of the reasons bodybuilders wear such dark and heavy spray tan on the day of their competition is because the spray tan increases the look of definition and enhances their physique while also helping them to stand out on stage underneath the bright lights which can wash a person out. The same type of effect can be achieved for non body builders that are looking to enhance their natural contours and increase the definition in their physique.


3.Quick & Time Effective

Receiving a spray tan is quick and effortless, and now with the popularity of mobile spray tanning it makes it even easier to receive your tan in time for special events, vacations or to maintain that healthy glow year round. A typical mobile spray tan session last for 10-20 minutes and this includes set up and take down of the equipment. The cosmetic bronzer that is with in the spray tan will give you immediate satisfaction of receiving a bronze glow, while the DHA in the solution goes to work at darkening the skin tone underneath and depending on the solution used can be removed after a period of 8 hours and you will be left with a glowing golden skin for up to 14 days.



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