My Story

A San Antonio, Texas based Wellness Coaching business that specializes in female anti-aging by teaching women how skin health, fitness, and wellness practices can decrease common aging symptoms most women encounter during the aging process. Wellness Coaching sessions and programs are available for purchase and use online as well as in person.

In addition to Wellness Coaching there are a list of other services provided at 180 Fit-Spa that focus on preventing, treating, and correcting age related issues and concerns.

My Mission


​I want to lead people to a holistic focused lifestyle that promotes positive, skin health, nutrition, fitness and well being.


​To coach and educate others to create changes in their lives that bring them closer to their aesthetic, fitness and wellness goals.


To validate and empower others to follow their own path and make every necessary effort to achieve balance in their life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

My Vision

​To redefine the spa, wellness and fitness industry by combining progressive holistic and clinical practices that empowers, educates, leads, and pursues authentic truth through genuine growth and evolution.


I have been obsessed with the skin and body since I was younger, and was fascinated by the aging process. I truly believed the best way to prevent signs of premature aging was to create a solid anti-aging regimen BEFORE the first signs of aging became visible, and I began using anti-aging treatments and products in my early 20’s; despite how my friends thought I was crazy to use anti-wrinkle and collagen boosting products. As it turns out I was on to something! Furthering my education and becoming licensed as an esthetician and later a personal trainer I learned how when I combined wellness, a sound fitness program and a proper skin care regimen that included high quality skin care products and skin care treatments I was able to improve my skin and maintain my youth naturally and holistically. It is now my personal mission to empower women and teach them how to properly care for themselves inside out and create a lifestyle that is enriching and fulfilling,as well as healthy while aging gracefully, and beautifully.

Personal Information

My name is Kathleen Haagenson. I am 33 years old, enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 rambunctious dogs, traveling, meeting new people, creating amazing memories, writing, reading, and living life with all my heart and soul.