Winter Newsletter

Introducing Monthly Wellness Coaching

Let’s start working on those New Year’s goals! For 2018 I am introducing more variety to the list of Wellness Coaching Programs. There will now be monthly and weekly wellness coaching options. This new program is the Spark Wellness Program. The Spark Wellness Program includes a customized fitness program, PT Hub fitness tracker, nutrition & wellness support, weekly wellness coaching calls, daily emails to keep you on track, progress monitoring and goal planning, as well as 4 personal training sessions for mobile wellness coaching clients based in San Antonio, TX.

For more information regarding the Spark Wellness Program please visit the website for a full outline of all of the wellness coaching programs provided at 180 Fit-Spa.
Interested in learning more and perhaps participating in the Spark Wellness Program?
Schedule a consultation and learn more about the monthly and weekly options and to inquire about pricing for the Spark Wellness Program. Please call 210-446-9959 or email for assistance.

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Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Special promotion for the Winter Season. Pre-pay for 2 months of the Spark Wellness Program and receive your 3rd Month FREE. This offer is available for 10 clients only. Take advantage while spots last! Valid January 2018-March 2018

7-Day Defy Aging Detox Challenge

On March 1st 180 Fit-Spa will launch its first ever 7-day Detox Challenge. This is not like any typical detox program or cleanse but will instead focus on detoxing the mind of any negative and limiting thoughts and mindsets that prevent you from creating your best life. This challenge will be email based and include daily inspirational videos, workout moves of the day, holistic anti-aging techniques, skin care tips, my favorite recipes for fruit infused water, salad, smoothies and teas, and worksheets to help you build and develop a growth mindset that will help change your outlook.

Learn how to reclaim your power over the aging process and become inspired to live your most authentic life. Begin to defy aging on every level! The best part about this challenge is that it is absolutely FREE. So stay tuned so that you will know when this challenge becomes available and you won’t miss your opportunity to sign up!


Wellness Gift Basket

Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner. 180 Fit-Spa will be creating Wellness gift bags so you can treat a friend (or perhaps even drop a suggestion to your spouse) to a Valentine’s themed wellness gift basket. For more details please call  210-446-9959 or email

Smash Your Health & Fitness Goals!

How to Conquer Your Health & Fitness Goals for 2018

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year that you were going to improve your health and fitness? Perhaps you even made it a step further and joined a gym. Did you declare that you were going to start a new diet? Maybe you decided to try eating “clean” or going keto. You’re ready, this year it’s different. But let’s be honest it’s more of the same. According to Statistic Brain, 32.4% of people make weight-related New Year’s resolutions. Yet only 9.2% of people actually succeed at accomplishing their New Year’s resolution. A whopping 48.4% of people find infrequent success with sticking to and achieving their resolution. Whereas 42.4% of people fail at successfully achieving their resolution every single year. Continue reading “Smash Your Health & Fitness Goals!”

Maintaining Health & Wellness During the Holiday Season

The holidays, although fun and full of quality time spent with close friends and family, can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Due to strained budgets, overindulging in special holiday treats, having to deal with family drama, or perhaps dealing with the loss of a loved one. Whatever the reason the holidays, for some can bring or cause much stress and unhappiness. Below I have compiled a few of my favorite tips on how to maintain your sanity during this holiday season.

Continue reading “Maintaining Health & Wellness During the Holiday Season”

3 Tips on How to Age Gracefully

Our environment is saturated with convenience. Due to our fast paced, high stress, high demand lifestyle, we live in the fast lane, and this has made it a necessity for us to reach out and turn to products and foods that are cost-effective and efficient. While this may spare us a few minutes in our busy schedule, helping us get on to the the next thing swiftly, do we stop to think how our dependence on these things could expose us to potential health risks and pre-mature aging? Continue reading “3 Tips on How to Age Gracefully”

Accomplish Your Goals & Achieve Balance

Rush. Panic. Stuff food in your mouth. Rush some more. Get stuck in traffic, now you’re going to be late to work. Does this sound like your daily routine? What if I told you that you can successfully manage your time and be able to sit down have breakfast with your family, leave in enough time to not get caught in obnoxious traffic and beat your boss to work. Continue reading “Accomplish Your Goals & Achieve Balance”

Become Faster & Get Stronger

Living a healthy lifestyle will require us to find activities that we love to do and that challenges us to continue improving and becoming better. For me those activities are cycling, trail running, sprinting, dancing, and various forms of weight training. My love for endurance based fitness and resistance based fitness can seem like an oxymoron to die hard endurance enthusiasts that swear off the weight room because of the “perceived” bulk that comes with heavy resistance training, while hardcore lifters wouldn’t dream of spending a ton of time working on increasing their cardiovascular fitness because of the precious muscle that is lost when you undergo strenuous endurance based training. Yet what if there was indeed a way to include both fantastic training styles into your workout regimen to reap the benefits of both styles of training. Continue reading “Become Faster & Get Stronger”

Flexibility Training and Why it’s Important for Wellness

Define flexibility

What do you think of when I mention the word flexibility? I can tell you what I thought about when I heard the term flexibility; and it typically involved a super slender and super bendy girl that was organic and practiced yoga three times a day and used words like harness your chi, and talked about aligning chakras. This is my attempt at being funny but I’m pretty sure that this is a misconception that a lot of people attribute to flexibility. In reality though this is just one of the various activities a person can participate in to become more flexible and help with elongating and extending the muscles and the tissues surrounding the joints. In this blog I will be explaining the different types of flexibility training and give you practical realistic was to incorporate flexibility into your workout routine. Continue reading “Flexibility Training and Why it’s Important for Wellness”

Night Running Safety Tips

This past summer I finally committed myself to become better at running and to get over my absolute hatred of it. I thought that it would be a torturous experience but soon found out how much I love and enjoy running when I can run at a gait that is comfortable for me and that I can endure for a prolonged period of time. This summer I also found myself looking for ways to beat the Texas heat when I wanted to take my running sessions outside, and discovered that running in the evenings was the perfect time and was the perfect temperature outside. Running in the evenings can be scary and even dangerous when the proper safety precautions aren’t taken so here are a few tips that I know helped me during my few evening runs. Continue reading “Night Running Safety Tips”