My Top 8 Powerful Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

Holistic vs. Progressive


The wonderful thing about skin health and anti-aging is that we live in a time where we have an abundance of choices regarding treatments to choose from that can help to improve the overall appearance and health of our skin. There are a variety of holistic and natural treatments that you can implement to achieve healthy, beautiful and radiant skin. While there are also a variety of progressive non-invasive, medical treatments you can receive to refresh, rejuvenate and turn back the hands of time. Let’s discuss the various anti-aging treatments from the holistic and natural to the progressive. Continue reading “My Top 8 Powerful Anti-Aging Skin Treatments”

How to Maintain A Hydrated Youthful Glow

Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Due to the aging process, it is not uncommon to experience issues with dry, dehydrated skin. There are a variety of reasons that could be causing you to experience dry, dehydrated skin. Certain chronic health conditions such as diabetes can contribute to dry, dehydrated skin. Medications that you take to manage chronic health conditions can also contribute to drying out skin and causing it to become dehydrated. Aside from chronic health conditions and medication, poor nutrition, not taking care of your skin properly or using products that cause your skin to become dry are other factors to consider if you find that you are suffering from excessive dry, dehydrated skin.

Discovering what could be causing your skin to become dry and dehydrated can help you in addressing what is causing your skin issues. Also making simple changes in your wellness routine can help you properly restore lost moisture and replenish vital hydration to your skin. I am going to teach you five simple changes you can make in your skin health routine that can help you accomplish hydrated, glowing skin.

Continue reading “How to Maintain A Hydrated Youthful Glow”

The Best Diet for Anti-Aging

We all want to age our best and defy the aging process, and guess what this is something that is totally attainable for everyone. Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy and realistic approach to the aging process are important for defying the aging process and living your best life. An important part of creating a balanced anti-aging lifestyle is nutrition. Learning to consume foods that help to decrease the key signs of premature aging as well as prevent chronic health issues is one of the simplest and most affordable ways you can defy aging in your everyday life.

Today I am going to discuss the best diet for those that want to defy aging while enjoying a healthy and happy relationship with food. Continue reading “The Best Diet for Anti-Aging”

Super Food for Super Skin: Nutrition & Premature Aging

Premature Aging & Nutrition

It is quite easy to get carried away with skin care products and skin treatments and forget that sometimes the best way to decrease the signs associated with premature aging can be as simple as making healthy changes to your daily nutrition. Consuming a diet that consists primarily of whole minimally processed foods such as colorful fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. I am going to talk to you about some age-defying fruits and veggies that you are going to want to add to your grocery list this week. Continue reading “Super Food for Super Skin: Nutrition & Premature Aging”

How to Correct Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Tone

Premature Aging & Uneven Skin Tone

A lot of the work I did as an esthetician involved me helping women improve their skin tone and decrease the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone, and sun damage. Not to mention that I personally have struggled with dark spots and skin pigmentation issues for all of my adult life. Perhaps this is one of your top skincare concerns. If this is you then this blog post is for you! Today I am going to talk about what causes dark spots and skin discoloration, skin treatments that help fade these unsightly skin issues, as well as what ingredients you need to look for in your skin care products to help with treating and correcting these issues so you can diminish and decrease their appearance. Continue reading “How to Correct Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Tone”

Why I Workout From Home| 5 Reasons Home Workouts ROCK!

You Can Workout From Home

I totally get that putting on workout gear and heading to the gym is not everyone’s idea of a good time. But allowing your general dislike of the gym to prevent you from progressing with your fitness and achieving your health and wellness goals isn’t cool.

While going to the gym may not be your “thing” opting instead for an easy and simple home workout could be the perfect alternative for you. Today I am going to give you five reasons why home workouts ROCK!

No One In Your Space

Gyms can easily become crowded. Which can make it difficult to move around and perform your workout moves, or find the exact materials you want. When you workout from home you don’t have to share your equipment with anyone, you can create a designated space or area for workouts.

No Gym Fees

Have you ever gone through a season where you aren’t going to the gym and you were still paying for it? Well working out from home can save you money. Especially if you find yourself going to the gym infrequently.


No Excuses

Workout out from home eliminates a lot of excuses. Since you’re not having to travel to the gym you can change into your workout gear and get it done!

Portable Workouts

Since home workouts utilize minimal equipment that is easy to pack up and carry (think mat, resistance bands, ankle weights) you can always take your workout on the road and visit a park and get an awesome workout outside. This also gives you the option to utilize park benches and other apparatus to include various challenges and progressions to your workout that you wouldn’t normally have access to at home.


Another great advantage is if you travel a lot you can always work out in your hotel room and stay on track.


No Locker Rooms

One of the most awkward things about going to the gym, especially if you’re going before work, is that you have to shower in the locker room. This can feel a tad bit invasive. When you workout from home you can enjoy a nice post-workout shower in your own bathroom in the privacy of your own home.

I hope you find these reasons convincing enough for you to be willing to give home workouts a try. Especially if you have been putting off working out due to your dislike of the gym.

Need Ideas for Home Fitness?

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2 Workout Styles That You’ll Love

Workout Styles That Don’t Suck

There is a general misconception that in order to maintain a healthy body weight you need to spend hours upon hours in the gym. This is not true! You can maintain a healthy lifestyle by utilizing short and effective workouts that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Today I am going to talk about two of my all-time favorite workout styles and why they are so effective at managing and maintaining weight. I will also show you how you can implement these styles in your workout routine. Continue reading “2 Workout Styles That You’ll Love”

Easy Portion Control Hacks

Control Your Portions & Manage Your Weight

When life gets busy and schedules get tight and you’re expected to be in 50 places at once it can be a bit of a challenge to make the appropriate choices concerning your health and nutrition. This is definitely true when you are seeking to balance and maintain a healthy weight or you are transitioning from a restrictive diet. Learning how to monitor and manage what you eat without having to track macros or count calories (unless that is something that you want to do which is TOTALLY fine). Let’s discuss the benefits of portion control. Continue reading “Easy Portion Control Hacks”

Simple Easy Ideas for Movement That Don’t Require the Gym

Staying Active When Life Gets Busy

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is a major and important part of preventative health and wellness. There will be times when life becomes super busy and it’s not always easy to head to the gym for a workout or commit to scheduling a dedicated workout session. Since this is the end of summer break and it’s time to get the kids ready to go back to school and get back into the grind of things you may find yourself in a super busy season and you just don’t feel like you have the time to devote to your fitness regimen.


Today I want to give you some simple ideas for activities you can do that don’t require a lot of time but promote movement in a healthy way so you can stay on track while you go through this busy season.

If your busy schedule isn’t allowing you to make it to the gym and you don’t want to abandon your workouts completely, transitioning to at home workouts might be a good option for you. Committing to 15-20 minute sessions a couple times of the week in the morning or in the afternoon whichever time works best with your schedule. These mini-sessions require little to no equipment. Some types of equipment you might want to purchase are resistance bands, dumbbells, ankle weights, blocks, a stability ball and a mat. Much of the equipment is pretty lightweight and portable so if you are traveling a lot you may find these quick workout sessions convenient. Types of workouts that you can adjust to fit within 15-20 minutes are circuit style workouts, HIIT workouts, pilates, and yoga.

Perhaps spicing up your daily commute and biking to work could work to help you increase your activity levels and remain active. You could have specific days that you bike to work or you can bike and use public transportation. This can also improve your mood and decrease your stress having you happy and ready to face a day at work.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but opting to take the stairs in place of the elevator or parking your car farther out so you have to walk to the entrance. Both of these are good strategies for increasing your daily movement.

Cleaning your home, washing your car, gardening, mowing the lawn. All of these activities require you to do some type of manual labor that requires you to move and are quite physically demanding in some cases. So making sure you’re setting aside time to truly clean your home and do your chores.


The above options are just a few ideas designed to help inspire you to get moving and active. While busy schedules do happen and are quite common and sometimes fitness may have to take a backseat due to a demanding lifestyle. Finding creative ways to include fitness into your everyday life and stop thinking it’s just about going to the gym. Expand your mind and explore other options for working out until you’re back to a regular schedule.

Struggling to Get on Track?

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Tips & Tricks for Efficient Grocery Shopping

How to Become An Efficient Grocery Shopper

Regardless of when you choose to grocery shop, I think it’s safe to say that grocery shopping can easily become a time-consuming chore. For some grocery shopping is not only time consuming but a confusing and somewhat overwhelming experience. This is especially true for those that are not confident with cooking or with knowing how to create healthy balanced meals. Today I’m going to talk with you about simple and easy ways you can become an efficient and confident grocery shopper while decreasing the amount of time you spend on your groceries so you can get back to taking care of other things. Continue reading “Tips & Tricks for Efficient Grocery Shopping”