Did you know that staying active throughout your life can help decrease some of the key signs associated with aging, as well as helping to stabilize hormones and decrease chronic illness and disease.

180 Fit-Spa was created to teach women to become empowered and to take charge of their bodies. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes utilizing a fitness program that addresses your key concerns with aging. Whether you are concerned with hormonal imbalance, excess body fat, lack of tone and definition, decreasing energy or even low self-esteem or body image issues. A fitness regimen that consists of strength training and cardiorespiratory activity help to boost serotonin, dopamine, testosterone and estrogen while decreasing the likelihood of developing depression, heart disease, decreased mental function, loss of muscle mass as well as stress related illness and disorders. Learn more about how 180 Fit-Spa’s Wellness Coaching program utilizes fitness to decrease the signs and symptoms of aging in the body at an internal and external level.


Wellness Coaching $49

30 minute coaching session utilizing a wholistic approach to address the key signs of aging in women by improving their fitness, wellness, and skin health. Available in person or online.

​Empower  Wellness Program $199

A comprehensive 12 week program that provides women with a wholistic approach to anti-aging and focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle through fitness, wellness techniques, and skin health. Available online only.