​Our skin is one of the largest organs on our body, and it’s the first place where we notice the gradual signs of aging and our overall health and wellness can be determined by how well we take care of our skin as well as how nutritious the foods we consume are.

​Skin conditions such as acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, decreased volume and fullness can all cause us to feel insecure and affect our self esteem. While following a sound nutrition regimen is important to making sure we receive all of those delicious nutrients on the inside of our bodies to help with alleviating the above conditions and maintaining a  well rounded fitness regimen can also help with decreasing premature signs of aging and help detoxify the skin it is still necessary to maintain the skin with skincare treatments that not only address and prevent skincare issues but also help us to destress and relax. I believe targeted skincare treatments that focus on the key complaints many women have with their skin such as, acne/breakouts, premature aging, and dark spots/uneven skin tone. Through skin treatments, skin coaching and professional skin care products 180 Fit-Spa can work with you to help ease these symptoms in a safe, effective and healthy manner without causing excess trauma to the skin. All Wellness Coaching sessions include skin health support but Skin Coaching sessions can be purchased separately and do require a consultation via email, skype or in-person is required in order to determine what the appropriate skin care program would work best and yield the highest results.

skin health
skin health

Wellness Coaching $49

30 minute coaching session utilizing a wholistic approach to address the key signs of aging in women by improving their fitness, wellness, and skin health. Available in person or online.

Empower Wellness Program $199

A comprehensive 12 week program that provides women with a wholistic approach to anti-aging and focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle through fitness, wellness techniques and skin health. Available online only.

Skin Coaching $35

20 minute coaching sessions designed to address every woman’s key issues with their skin and to help teach them the products and treatments that would work best to maintain healthy skin and prevent premature aging

Spray Tanning

  • ​Premium Spray Tan $45
  • ​Express Spray Tan $55
  • ​​Premium Spray Tan Package of 5 $150
  • ​Premium Spray Tan Package of 10 $250
  • ​​Express Spray Tan Package of 5 $175
  • ​Express Spray Tan Package of 10 $300