​The foods that we consume have a major impact on the anti-aging process. Eating nutrient dense whole, minimally processed foods help to maintain the integrity of our health while providing essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help combat internal and external affects of the aging process.

​Making wellness simple and easy is the name of the game. Restrictive diets, and consuming an excess of processed foods, refined sugars and hydrogenated fats affect the way our body functions and can lead to the development of many chronic health issues later in life. For those that are genetically predisposed to certain chronic illnesses and diseases it’s even more important that you create nutritious eating habits that decrease the development of these diseases in the future. The wellness coaching programs and wellness coaching sessions at 180 Fit-Spa are designed to teach you have to lead a balanced lifestyle that includes enjoying your favorite foods while still managing to create health food habits that support your anti-aging efforts from the inside out.


Wellness Coaching $49

30 minute coaching session utilizing a wholistic approach to address the key signs of aging in women by improving their fitness, wellness, and skin health. Available in person or online.

Empower Wellness Program $199

A comprehensive 12 week program that provides women with a wholistic approach to anti-aging and focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle through fitness, wellness techniques, and skin health.  Available online only.

Nutrition Workshop $89

90 minute class that teaches women how to create a balanced approach to maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle that supports wellness and anti-aging concerns.